Posted by: BierPens | September 7, 2017

Rhino Poaching

White RhinoWe need a task team to investigate the true nature of Rhino Poaching. How much of that is done in-house and how much of that is done due to negligence and poor management skills placing these precious and defenceless animals in harm’s way of scrupulous poachers.

We all know that Poaching and smuggling was one of the ways the ANC Terrorist use to pay for their cross boarder endeavours and brining in weapons from neighbouring countries to destabilise Apartheid Regime. To have these operatives in key and leading positions is not good leadership skills.



  1. This is an eye opening statement.

    The crews and management structures to smuggle are still active and mostly in good management positions due to cronyism and jobs for pals within the ANC government lead STRUCTURES

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